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Why Trichy

Trichy, the fourth largest city in the state

Trichy is connected by road to Madras (320 km)
Area 23.26 sq.kms
Population 7,11,120 (1991 census)
Altitude 78 metres
  • Summer Max. 37.1°C Min. 26.4°C

  • Winter Max. 31.3°C Min. 20.6°C
Rainfall 83.5 cms.
Season Throughout the Year
Clothing Tropical
Languages Spoken Tamil and English

Tiruchi is a thriving commercial centre in Tamil nadu, situated on the banks of the river Cauvery. The rock fort is a well known landmark of the city. It is also famous for artificial diamonds, cigars, handloom cloth, glass bangles and wooden and clay toys. (Trichy, Tiruchy, Thiruchi, Tiruchirapalli)

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