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Why Tamil Nadu?

Traditionally, one of the most industrialized states of India

Represents 11% of India's GDP
Represents 15% of India's Exports
(textile, leather, automobile, engineering parts)

Relatively well off in energy & transportation.
Tamil Nadu is
The 3rd largest economy in India
11th largest state - 1,30,058 sq. km.
7th largest population - (6,24,05,679)
3rd in Human Resource Development
'Detroit' of South India
Attracted large number of investment proposals in the recent times
There has been a Rapid emergence of IT in Tamil Nadu and the following could be the reasons that have contributed to this growth
The conducive IT policy of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu.
Manpower / knowledge worker
Telecommunication/large bandwidth under implementation
Better power availability
Cost effective real estate/land availability
Transport / commuting facility
International airport - nearby

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