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Re-Export Procedure

A: (Para 6.17 of the Foreign Trade Policy and 6.28.1 of  Hand Book of procedures Vol - I)  Procedure for Re Export of Capital Goods   
Q: Inter Unit Transfer of CG
A: (Para 6.13 of the Foreign Trade Policy) Procedure for Inter Unit Transfer  
Q: Change of Name of the unit
A: Procedure for Change of Name of Unit  
Q: Change of Location/ Space expansion
A: Procedure for Space Expansion / Bonding of Premise  
What are the equipment permitted for taking out of the bonded premises?
A: Movement of Laptop/video projection system out of the bonded premises is permitted as per the policy.
Installation of FAX machine and personal computers outside the bonded area permitted in certain cases as per the policy

(Para 6.8.1 of the Foreign Trade Policy)
Formats & Procedure/Import/Movement of Laptop- FAX - Projector  

Q: Use of Computer for training purposes
A: The units may be allowed to use the computer systems procured duty free for training purpose (including commercial training), subject to the condition that :

No computer terminal shall be installed outside the bonded premises.
NFEP & EP to be achieved
Approval from STPI, Customs & Excise to be obtained

Pl. Note: The income derived by the unit on the above training does not qualify for income tax exemption
Q: Donation of Computers
A: The units may donate imported/indigenously procured computers and peripherals including printer, plotter, scanner, monitor, key board and storage units without payment of duty.

(Para 6.30 of the Hand Book of procedures Vol-I)

Q: Eligible Donees
A: Recognized non commercial educational institutions
Registered charitable hospitals
Public libraries
Public funded R & D establishments
Organisations of Govt. of India/state/Union Territories
Q: Procedure for CST reimbursement
A: Formats & Procedure / General / Procedure for CST - Reimbursement  
Q: Debonding of equipment
A: Formats & Procedure/Import/ Debonding of Equipment  
Q: Debonding of the premises
A: Formats & Procedure/General/Debonding of Premise  
Q: Any other information
A: Pl. mail to chennai[dot]bdg4[at]stpi[dot]in
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