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Is Import of Second Hand Goods permissible?

A: YES  (Para 6.3 of the Foreign Trade Policy) 
Q: Is Import of equipment on loan basis/free of cost permissible?
A: YES (Para 6.2 of the Foreign Trade Policy) 
Q: Whether In-bond Sales permissible?
A: The unit may also procure goods required by it for its activities or in connection therewith, without payment of duty from the bonded warehouses in the DTA set up under the policy.
Q: Procedure for procurement of indigenous goods?
A: Procedure for CT3 procurement  
Q: Can the equipment be procured duty free by one unit be transferred to another unit?
Procedure for Shifting / Inter Unit transfer  
(Para 6.13 of the Foreign Trade Policy)
Q: Mode of Exports
  Mode Form to be submitted
Exports in Physical media GR Form
For exports declared to customs offices notified by the Central Govt., which have introduced Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) SDF Form
Exports by Post PP Form
Exports through courier Form prescribed in the shipping bill and Bill of Export (form) Regulations 1991
Export through Data Communication link Softex Form
Onsite Services No specific forms to be submitted. However, the audited certificate to be produced for proof of such exports
Q: Procedure for Export through Data Communication link
A: Procedure for Export Certification  
Q: Is Export of Professional Service (Onsite Services) permitted?
Procedure for Onsite Services  
Q: Procedure for payment of Agency Commission?
A: Authorized dealers may allow payment of commission, either by remittance or by deduction from invoice value, on application submitted by the exporter. The remittances on agency commission may be allowed subject to the following conditions:

Amount of commission has been declared on GR/SDF/PP/Softex form and accepted by   Customs authorities or STPI, EPZ authorities as the case may be. In cases where the   commission has not been declared on GR/SDF/PP/Softex form, remittance thereof may be   allowed after satisfying about the reasons adduced by the exporter for not declaring   commission on Export Declaration Form provided a valid agreement/written understanding   between the exporter and /or beneficiary for payment of commission subsists

The relative shipment has already been made.
Q: Export of goods on lease, hire etc
A: No person, except with prior permission of the RBI take or send out by land, sea or air any goods from India to any place outside India, on lease or hire or under any arrangement or in any other manner, other than sale or disposal of such goods
Q: Counter Trade
A: Any arrangement involving adjustment of value of the goods exported from India shall require the prior approval of the RBI.
Q: What are deemed exports
A: Deemed exports are those transaction in which the goods supplied do not leave the country - Refer Chapter 8 of Foreign Trade Policy
Q: Benefits available for Deemed Exports
A: Deemed export shall be eligible for the following benefits in respect of manufacture and supply of goods qualifying as deemed exports:

Advanced license for intermediate supply/deemed export

Deemed export drawback

Exemption of terminal excise duty
(Para 8.3 of Foreign Trade Policy)
Q: What is the eligibility criteria for DTA sales
A: DTA Sales upto 50% FOB value of exports is permitted subject to achievement of NFEP

(Para 6.8(b)  & 6.11 of Foreign Trade Policy)

Q: Whether DTA sales are exempted from IT
Q: Procedure for DTA approval & claim
A: The units operating under STP Scheme can access Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) up to the level of 50% of the worth of software exported in value terms.
DTA Sales Approval  
Check list for DTA Sale approval  
Q: Is sub-contracting permitted

Subcontracting part of production process through job work sin DTA permitted

Subcontract of production for job works in DTA permitted

Sub contract of both production and production process through EoUs permitted

Sub contract of part of production process abroad permitted with the approval of IMSC
Q: Whether enhancement of Capital Goods limit permitted?
Q: Procedure for CG enhancement
A: Formats & Procedure/General/CG Enhancement  
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