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Is the registration under the STP/EHTP Scheme mandatory?

A: NO. But in view of the obvious benefits available under the Scheme registration is recommended.
Q: What is STP / EHTP Scheme meant for?
A: 100% Export Oriented Scheme for development of Software/Electronic Hardware for Exports
Q: Activities covered under the scheme
A: Development of IT Software/ Electronic Hardware for Exports

Rendering IT enabled services for software exports

Execution of Onsite Consultancy projects at customer site abroad
Q: Scope of Onsite Consultancy
A: Export of professional services by the 100% EoUs under STP scheme is permitted and the service providers are eligible for the facilities available under the scheme provided the payment for the services rendered is received by the unit in the free foreign exchange.
Q: Whether an undertaking operate as both STP & Domestic Unit
If an industrial unit is operating as both domestic unit and as well as an STP unit, it shall have two distinct identities with separate accounts. But all the transactions of the Imports and Exports or supplies effected relating to the 100% EoU activity of the STP unit shall be kept separate from those relating to the other domestic unit of the company.
Q: Whether DTA unit can be converted into STP Unit
Conversion of an existing Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) unit into STP Unit is permissible. But no concession in duties and taxes would be available under the scheme for the plant, machinery and equipment already installed.

(Para 6.37.1 of Hand Book of Procedures Vol. I and Para 6.19 (b) of Foreign Trade Policy)

Q: Can an EoU get converted as STP Unit
Existing units under EoU desiring conversion into STP unit may apply to Director, STPI through the Development Commissioner, EPZ concerned 

(Para 6.37.2 of Hand Book of Procedures Vol. I and Para 6.19 (b) of Foreign Trade Policy)

Q: Can 2 or more STP units get merged
Merger of two or more EoU/EPZ units into one unit is permissible. provided the units fall within the jurisdiction of the Director, STPI and the same Commissioner of Central Excise & Customs subject to the conditions thgat the activities are covered under the provision of broad banding
(Para 6.19(b) of Foreign Trade Policy  & Para 6.37.2 of Hand Book of Procedures Vol. I )
Q: Can the unit be setup anywhere in India
With the approval of the Jurisdictional Director, STPI
Q: Can the unit operate in multiple locations
Within the jurisdictional area of the Director, STPI
Q: Can an undertaking establish more than one STP Unit
Q: What are the benefits available under STP/EHTP Scheme
A: STP / EHTP Schemes
Q: Entities who can set up a unit?
A:   Central Government Undertaking
  State Government Undertaking
  State Industrial Development Investment Corporation
  Cooperative Undertaking
  Joint Sector Undertaking Joint Sector Undertaking
  Assisted Sector Undertaking
  Private Sector Undertaking
  Individual Promoter/Partnership
  Conversion from DTA Unit to STP
  Conversion from EoU to STP

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